World Championship Individual Bridge 2020
The tournament

Dear all,

We are overwhelmed by all positive reactions. So many people would like to help, donate or play. A BIG thank you to all of you!
Here is an update:
First of all we realized that it would be too many boards to play so lot of people couldn't find the time.
Therefore we changed schedule a little bit to overcome most problems.

Day 1 PRO-AM16 rounds of 2 boards
Barometer and swiss (number 1 plays number 2). Tournament will be matchpoints.


Day 2 16 rounds of 2 boards
Day 3 16 rounds of 2 boards
Day 4 15 rounds of 2 boards (and maybe top 16 play15 boards session in evening)

Tournament will start 10:00 New York time (usually finish @14:00)16:00 European time (finish 20:00)
Sjoert Brink

We are working on a website ( will provide more information including participants, and ways to participate and donate.
At this moment we have 22 confirmed players, as soon I have the last 10 I'll publish the full list.

For the PRO-AM we have the following idea. We will create a list of professionals with prices.
If you donate that amount or more you can play with the pro. Will be first come first serve. Prices will be between $250 and $2500.
You can also participate with your own pro Everybody who donates at least $100can play with own partner.

For the PRO AM we would like a lot of professional players. So if you are interested, please email me ( .
All donations made for the PRO AM will count for the 16 available seats in the individual tournament.
One day before the PRO AM starts we will publish the highest donors and top 16 will get an invitation to play in INDIVIDUAL TOURNAMENT.

At the moment we still trying to be in contact with BBO if everything is possible. As soon as all is confirmed we will let you know.
New updates to follow.

Margie, Agus, Daan, Cristian, Sjoert
Thank you for the support!!!